Struggling with Aggression?

Aggression manifests in many forms.  Sometimes you can see it building slowly, and other times it seemingly appears out of nowhere.  This has led to many varying theories within the training market and much controversy regarding possible solutions.

Simply stated, all aggression is rooted in fear.  A dog actively displaying aggression is attempting to “survive” the given moment.  Instincts (fight/flight) have overwhelmed the dog’s capacity to feel connected and the dog is collapsing into abject fear and panic. However, if our dogs can retain the capacity to feel connected to their handler and surroundings, then instincts will not take over.  We help owners develop this capacity in their pups by teaching 5 Core Exercises, developed by Kevin Behan of Natural Dog Training.  These exercises are the foundation through which a dog processes information in a given situation.  Without a strong core that can process high rates of change, our dogs will continue to have a crack in their foundation and aggression will “leak” out.

This program teaches you:

  • The  5 core exercises
  • How the 5 Core exercises power down and resolve fear.
  • Shape the Core exercises into Obedience Cues that stabilize your dog.
  • How to sequence these exercises to work your dog through any given situation
  • Good choices for your dog in their environment to support the training.
  • Implementation of an NDT lifestyle change.

Training Program Format:  

Board and Train


For Extra Additional Support:

Bi-Weekly Owner Support Groups:   Human only support group that helps with this lifestyle transition.

Private Facebook Study Group:   A place to post threads, get updates, get feedback from us and alumni owners.


Program Pricing:

Cost:    $325 per week  (includes support groups, theory classes, private Facebook group and exit lesson).






Interested in this program? Please contact us and tell us about your dog.