Life Coaching & Private Training 

Jeannie Oakley, Paw It Forward Dog Training.   518-522-5668

As your private trainer, your journey will become my journey.  I promise to be with you every step of this process.  Life Coaching is more personalized, allowing me to be your accountability partner, strategist, mentor and life coach during for as long as you need.

Working with a problematic dog isn’t easy and should never be done without the support of a training program.

This program begins developing a good foundation with the 5 Core Exercises along with a predictable routine.

Opens a pathway allowing your dog to finally begin investing all their drive/energy with you, instead of problems.
With development, enjoy your dog being in a restful state of well-being around you, turning attachment into connection.
Your dog will finally begin to actually heal past trauma by utilizing stress as a positive.
Spend time enjoying  your dog in a way that always brings them a to a state of fulfilment as they conduct energy in play with you.
 Once a good foundation is built, begin enjoying obedience and leash work that no longer break down under pressure.


A dog wants to be part of a team. Everything in a dog’s life is secondary to this social drive. If a dog doesn’t have rapport, he has problems”………….. Kevin Behan, Natural Dog Training—————————————————————————————————–


Training Program:    Tailored as needed:   Utilizes what components are needed to help meet your goals.

Components.     Human Only Workshops, Board & Train, Private Lessons, Life Coaching

Private Facebook Study Group:   Access to a private study group post threads and share experiences with us and alumni owners.



Initial Evaluation/Meet & Greet:  No Charge

Full 6 Board & Train:    $325 per full week.

Partial Board & Train:  $240 (Tuesday – Friday)

Private Lessons:  $65 per session

Life Coaching:  No Charge: Phone and Text support – included