Small Group Socialization & Play

Day Camp provides a supervised outdoor play area for social and friendly dogs.  We provide temperature regulated indoor space to relax and unwind without the over stimulation of volume based daycares.

We have a grandfathered group of dogs that have grown up here over the last 9 years that make a great foundation for a wonderful social group of dogs.

We are experts in our  field of canine rehabilitation, skilled in reading canine body language and play.  We recommend small group play along with decompression and relaxation time for a healthy balance of mental and physical exercise.

Eligibility:  Social, dog and human friendly.


Days:   Wednesdays and Fridays

Opening Time:   7:00am

Closing Time:  6:00 pm.

Pricing:    $25 per day

Contact:  Call or text Jeannie Oakley 518-522-5668 to schedule a meet and greet to see if your pup is a good fit for day camp.