Meet Rufus – A Majestic 2 Year Old Male, Rottie Mix

 Regional Animal Shelter rescued Rufus and saved his life.  Due to Marissa Herbert’s fundraising through Marissa’s Pawsome Treats, we were able to send Rufus to Kevin Behan in Newfane, Vermont to meet his rehabilitation needs. Rufus is doing great and is currently touring with Kevin as his demonstration dog. Rufus will need a savy home.  He will need some special people willing to participate in the Natural Dog Training Method so that Rufus does not revert back to his old ways.  If you are interested in Rufus, come meet him at our next fundraiser, featuring Kevin Behan and Rufus himself. Rufus and Kevin will be in Johnstown NY at Harvey’s Home Garden Pet Center on May 20th.  (click here for more information on the event).

Meet Zeke – The Luckiest pup in the world! A male 3 and 1/2 year old Beagle Mix

Zeke spent 8 months with Kevin Behan of Natural Dog Training and is currently in foster with Heather Mach of Rising Canine Dog Training, where he is continuing his rehabilitation work.  We are looking for a quiet home, no other dogs or children, with owners willing to pursue Natural Dog Training as a way of life for Zeke.  This means some special people willing to drive up to Newfane, Vermont to work with guru, Kevin Behan himself. The damage was done early on in Zeke’s life and he will need a home willing to adjust to his needs.  He was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia, which presents another complication.  That being said, Zeke is a very special boy to Regional Animal Shelter and those of us at The Canine Stability Center.  It was through saving Zeke, that the coalition between Regional Animal Shelter and the Canine Stability Center took place.  If you are interested in him, please fill out an application at Regional Animal Shelter.