Reactive Dog Program

Reactive Dog Day Training Program

Reactivity Can Come In Many Forms.  You might be experiencing problems:

  • Vetting your dog
  • Walking your dog
  • Cutting its nails
  • Allowing company into your house
  • Multi-dog Household problems
  • Issues with food, toys or bones
  • Growling
  • Cars or bicycles
  • Mailman frenzy
  • Kicked out of local Obedience Classes
  • or perhaps you have the opposite problem and your dog is experiencing anxiety or fear……..

The good news is the solution is all the same no matter what path your dog may be expressing or not expressing the reactivity.  


Program Information for Day Training Package

  • Drop your dog off Tuesdays & Thursdays, so that your dog can spend the day working privately with the trainers. (Drop off begins at 6:45am and pick-up ends at 6pm).
  • Package Includes: 8 days of day training (2 times per week for four weeks)
  • Cost: $395
  • Add a semi-private group class or private lesson package for $130.

To Register or Inquire contact Heather at 518-926-8438 or fill out the following Contact form and we will email you back shortly: