Who is a good candidate for Natural Dog Training?

Any dog will succeed in Natural Dog Training, whether you have a problem pup or are just looking to prevent problems and develop a good relationship, each dog will excel in NDT.

The larger question is whether Natural Dog Training is the right model for you.  If you are looking for something different, more profound, experiencing disillusionment with the current training market, or just looking to develop a good relationship with your pup, then come aboard.

NDT at it’s heart and soul is a lifestyle change.  There is a large adjustment in how you think, train, and raise your family pup.  Not everyone is ready for the journey.  Since your dog’s well being is predicated on how they feel on the inside, we do not use e-collars, consequences, reward or treats to train behaviors “on the outside” as this failed methodology is what brought you here.  So forget using “focus” and “leave-it” or “nothing in life is free” training, you don’t need it anymore.

We will get down and dirty with our dog’s nature as we travel beneath the lens of thought, choice, and intention  and build an “emotional rapport” between you and your dog that lasts a lifetime.