Welcome to The Canine Stability Center

                         A Partnership Between Paw It Forward and Rising Canine Dog Training                   

                 Applying  the Theory & Practice of Kevin Behan’s Natural Dog Training            


Do you want to create a calm and “at-ease” dog indoors and outdoors no matter what is going on?   Learn how this universal drive training utilizes NDT’s 5 core exercises as the answer.

Main Program Components: We offer human only educational workshops, one on one life coaching/private training,  reactive dog day training , board & train for aggression and classes.

Common Issues: We specialize in all spectrums of canine PTSD  including biting, guarding,  anxious/phobic behavior, owner dependency, hyper manic behavior, crate training, destruction and more.

Obedience:  Drive training naturally builds obedience (self settling and orienting to handler under high intensity) as a solution to a problem, therefore it never breaks down under pressure.

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